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Molly's Tricycle Adventure

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Molly's Tricycle Adventure

Day Before, part 2

April 12th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Molly got to share her car ride and vet visit with one of her feline housemates, Charlie. Charlie has been “inappropriately eliminating” on my daughter’s clothing in her bedroom, and the litter box has been a bit more full lately. So when I messaged the vet to see how they test a cat for a UTI (we know nothing about cats – we’ve only been dog people for 20+ years), she said I should bring them both in.

Molly got her patch on with no problems. Charlie has now been diagnosed with diabetes – his sugars were over 500 – and we’re waiting for a urine culture to come back before we decide if there is an infection too. <sigh> Vet decided we could wait on the twice-daily injections he will need, and not start them while we’re also dealing with the first few days of post-op care for Molly.

When I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the fentanyl patch, they could not find the other prescription for Molly (Amicar). Vet called it in on Saturday, pharmacy guy called Sunday to said they had to order it, but it would be there Tuesday. Today – not a trace of the prescription. So I told the vet this, and she called in another prescription for it. Of course, they can order it and it will be in tomorrow afternoon.  Vet says maybe we should postpone surgery because she wants to be sure we take all necessary precautions. But after moving our work schedules and everything else around to accommodate the surgery and post-op care for our Molly girl, I was aggravated to say the least. After leaving the vet, coming back home, and eating lunch, I was a bit calmer and I decided to call the pharmacy. Since it is a large chain pharmacy, I politely asked them to check with their other stores within an hour’s driving time to see if any of them had it in stock. Luckily, a store about 5 minutes away has 12 of the 15 pills, so I will pick them up shortly.  Whew!

Such a roller coaster today! Kind of glad Charlie was there at the vet to take my mind of the enormity of why we were there. His constant meowing and antics distracted both Molly and I.


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3 Comments so far ↓

  • paws120

    Wholly cow! Really?!? This sounds like a long hot shower and a glass of red wine after all the mayhem subsides, lol.
    Sorry about your kitty. It was a good call though. What kind of food do you feed him? Is he a large cat?
    I hope the rest of your day is peaceful!!

  • arynzmuse

    You are amazing and you and your fuzzies got this. Sending good thoughts for you guys!!

  • linda8115

    Sorry you’ve got so much on your plate right now 😳 I’ll be keeping you and Molly in my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. Hugs and hoping for smooth sailing starting tomorrow! Keep us posted!

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